Light Wave Communications  

Realize Your Vision ...

~ Marketing, recruitment, case statement, staff development programs and commercial production ~

Do you need to...

  • Market a product, a service or an organization?
  • Attract the best employees?
  • Implement concepts, procedures or protocols?
  • Motivate an audience with your organization’s values?
  • Inspire viewers and stimulate their imagination?

Backed by over 25 years of experience and literally hundreds of completed programs and commercials, Light Wave Communications has the ability to realize your vision. Here is what I will bring to your production:

  • Professional service integrating all levels of production
  • Free initial consultation session
  • Detailed budget projection
  • Script development
  • HD and SD options for digital location and post production
  • Talent pool of qualified on-camera actors and support personnel
  • Professional voice-over talent
  • High-value music background
  • Titles and graphics
  • Full range of special effects and digital transitions


  • Available for client groups, merchant associations and non-profit organizations;
  • Available to clients ordering more than one production at the same time and location;

Contact: Please call 509-493-3883 (Studio) 503-701-0435 (Mobile) or write for a written estimate at

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